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Teachers are irreplaceable.

We live in turbulent times - uncertainty is redefining teaching. FutureUp Lab empowers teachers with personal development tools and coaching, to help students thrive​ during difficult times.

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Part of the Teach to Lead family - a partnership of ASCD, Teach Plus, and the U.S. Department of Education

Mindset Development and Coaching. Redefined.

Find your balance and avoid burnout with simple and effective custom-made tools that save you time spent on long teacher PD/CPD and seminars.


Facilitate instant and active learning of the fundamentals


Increase your learning impact through self-reflection


Customizable to any classroom from 1st to 8th grade.

FutureUp Lab

Empowering teachers to navigate uncertainty and have a positive impact on students' well-being during difficult times. 

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Micro-course e-Learning Platform

Bespoke Cheat-sheets
Bonus: Peer-reviewed articles

Automated Self-Paced Coaching

20min/mission - 2 weeks/module
Tailor-made for each module
Unlimited reactivation

Classroom Activity Inspiration

Monthly exclusive inspiration
Curated activities
Research-backed methods

Discover the Mindset & Mental Well-being package

Tailored and validated with feedback from professional coaches, teachers on 4 continents and professional development experts, this collection of research-backed micro-courses and custom-made self-paced coaching will enable you to make a positive impact on yourself and your students.

  • The benefits of increasing your Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional Intelligence fundamentals
  • Self-reflective inquiry
  • Cheat-sheet & template
  • Custom-made Coaching process
  • Understanding how self-limiting beliefs can hinder potential

  • Patters of self-sabotage

  • Building empowering beliefs

  • Cheat-sheet & templates
  • Custom-made Coaching process
  • Understanding your brain under stress

  • Stress theories and models 

  • Stress coping strategies

  • Cheat-sheet & template
  • Custom-made Coaching process

The time for new teacher development is now

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Our modules are constantly evolving with school and teacher-relevant topics

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."

Albert Einstein​

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