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FutureUp Lab is an Danish EdTech start-up, recognized by the European Innovation Council for its innovative approach to teacher development, founded on ideas from a multi-disciplinary team of experts in leadership development, innovation, coaching and EdTech start-ups.

We believe in the power of experiments and iterative learning and have successfully tailored a mix of micro-content and automated coaching on a number of school-relevant topics aimed to unlock teachers' learning and personal transformation

We aim to empower teachers with research-backed self-development tools and coaching to enable them and their students to thrive. 

Teachers are irreplaceable.

We take a practical approach to learning, empowering teachers with future-ready learning tools they can customize and apply right away.

Many kids today will have jobs that haven’t been invented yet. We want to empower teachers to give kids the best chance of success in life.

Every teacher has unique needs.

We believe there’s no better way to learn than by trying it yourself, experimenting, reflecting and constantly iterating.

With the help from experts in coaching, leadership development and innovation, we tailored a mix of short micro-content formats and custom-made automated coaching processes to enable teachers to unlock their learning potential and transform instantly.

We believe done is better than perfect.

Our micro-courses are tailored to last around 10 minutes per topic. We provide teachers with fundamentals, so they have more time experimenting and finding their own unique winning formula.

Adding practical cheat-sheets and our custom-made automated coaching, we empower teachers to reflect and apply knowledge instantly. 

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